Agenda and Speakers

Embracing the New Creation through the 12 Living Principles

June 20th-24th, 2018

The theme for the 2018 Integral Yoga Conference is: 'Embracing the New Creation through the 12 Living Principles'. What is the "New Creation"? It is the transformation of matter, life and mind into the Divine Consciousness, a process that is already underway. For the completion of this transformation, the Mother describes 12 virtues or 'Living Principles' that are required: Sincerity, Humility, Gratitude, Perseverance, Aspiration, Receptivity, Progress, Courage, Goodness, Generosity, Equanimity, Peace. Throughout the 3 ½-day conference, our focus will be on ways each of us can consciously collaborate in the emerging New Creation by cultivating these 12 Living Principles and incorporating them into our daily life and actions.

We are honored to host once again Dr. Alok Pandey, Sraddhalu Ranade and Narad Eggenberger. Joining them are Dr. Vladimir Yaksento, Professor of Sanskrit and Integral Studies at Auro University, Surat, India and Aadil Palkhiwala, founder of Alive & Shine Center in Bellevue, Washington. Please see below for details on each of our illustrious presenters.

Tentative Agenda

Wednesday, June 20th • Registration, 12:00-5:30pm • Dinner @ 6:30pm • Welcome Remarks • Introduction: Embracing the New Creation @ 8:00pm

Thursday, June 21st Talks include: • The Next Step in the Evolution of Consciousness: The Inner Being • Manifesting Mother's Symbol in Daily Life • Developing Body Consciousness in the Light of Integral Yoga, Part I • Foundation for Growth & Evolution: Sincerity, Humility, Gratitude and Perseverance • The importance of Sincerity to a Meaningful Life • plus other talks on the 12 Living Principles

Friday, June 22nd Talks include: • The Living Principles through the Yogas of Savitri: The New Creation • Realizing our Highest Potential in Life: Aspiration, Receptivity, Progress and Courage • Developing Body Consciousness in the Light of Integral Yoga, Part II • Flowers of the 12 Living Principles • Various afternoon events, lectures and dinner will be held at our new Sri Aurobindo Integral Life Center in Fountain Inn, SC

Saturday, June 23rd Talks include: • The Living Principles through the Yogas of Savitri: Discovering the Inner Being • Engaging with Life and the World: Goodness, Generosity, Equality and Peace • The Living Principles through the Yogas of Savitri: The Yoga of Love • Introducing the Living Principles to Seekers • Question and Answer time

Sunday, June 24th Talks include • Making the 12 Living Principles a Daily Reality • Closing remarks by Speakers • Lunch and departures at 12:30pm

EVENT SPEAKERS / meet with leaders

Narad Eggenberger

Narad (Richard Eggenberger) is a longtime member of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram and Auroville as well as a musician, poet, landscaper, horticulturist, and gardener.

As a youth he took voice lessons and prepared for an operatic career at the Metropolitan Opera on a scholarship from one of the leading mezzo sopranos of the day, Regina Resnick.

When he was 23, he came to the Sri Aurobindo Ashram and had his first darshan of the Mother, who made him an ashramite and gave him permission to teach music in the ashram school.

Narad went back to U.S. in 1962, working with a landscape design and installation firm and attending college to learn plant combination theory and other aspects of subtropical horticulture.

In 1969, he returned to Pondicherry, where Mother gave him the task of creating a beautiful garden for the Matrimandir. He worked personally with the Mother on the spiritual significances of flowers and edited the book, 'Flowers and Their Messages', the first book published by the ashram on the spiritual significance of flowers. Mother also gave Narad the work of reading 'Savitri' every week under the banyan, which he did for 10 years.

About seventeen years ago Narad began the OM choirs, which have brought a new kind of conscious music to the Ashram, Auroville, and many places around the world.

Dr. Alok Pandey

Dr Alok Pandey is a well-known authority on Sri Aurobindo and the Mother's writings, especially on the subject of Yoga, Psychology, Education and Health. He draws widely from the Indic and other traditions of Yoga as well as modern scientific discoveries weaving them together harmoniously. A Medical Doctor who has specialized in Psychiatry, he has served in various capacities in the Indian Air Force before taking voluntary retirement and settling down permanently in the Sri Aurobindo Ashram Pondicherry. A much sought after exponent on Sri Aurobindo's Yoga, he has written several articles and held many workshops on diverse subjects in India and Abroad. He holds regular weekly classes in Hindi and English as well as holding Savitri Camps bi-annually. He has authored three books, 'Death, Dying and Beyond', 'Patient at the Crossroads' and 'Veda of the Body'. He is the Editor of monthly magazine All India Magazine and co-editor of quarterly journal 'New Approaches to Medicine and Health' both published by the Sri Aurobindo Society. For more information on him one may visit the website where his talks and writings are regularly uploaded.

Sraddhalu Ranande

Sraddhalu Ranade is a scientist, educator, and scholar at the Sri Aurobindo Ashram. He possesses a deep belief in the universality of the experience of oneness. Ranade spends a great deal of time delivering talks, seminars, and workshops on many topics he is passionate about including; Integral Education, Management, Self-Development, Indian culture, science and spirituality, and yoga. In the last few years, he has benefited over 4500 teachers at more than 200 schools and colleges all over India through his programs.

Lillah Schwartz

Known by appreciative students across the country as “the queen of alignment,” yoga instructor and author Lillah Schwartz brings the benefits of her 35 years’ training with yoga experts such as BKS Iyengar, Aadil Palkhivala, Eric Small, Mathew Sanford and others to the Southeast region and, through her workshops, to studios across the eastern and central U.S.

She pioneered the Iyengar method in North Carolina from 1981, led the way to establishing Asheville as a yoga destination, and held an Iyengar teaching certificate from 1985-2009. A Certified Yoga Therapist with IAYT, Lillah will present at the national yoga therapy conference in June 2018. Lillah is well known for her excellence in the therapeutic applications of yoga. Her "Healing Our Backs with YogaTM" program brings the science and spirit of yoga to hundreds of people each year who have connected with their healing potential, overcome their pain, and improved their functional ability with her guidance.

Through her three endorsed and nationally distributed therapeutic yoga DVDs, digital online classes, and her 2016 book, Healing Our Backs with Yoga, Lillah brings the essence of dynamic alignment and yoga wisdom home in a practical, safe and heartfelt way.

In addition to her weekly classes and individual yoga therapy sessions, she offers true transformation thru her yearly Yoga Teacher Training Mentorship and Yoga U Online courses. Visit her web site, blog, and Free Yoga Resource Library at; or contact her at or 828.273.9401.

Aadil Palkhiwala

Aadil's first experience of yoga was originally prenatal, as his mother she studied with BKS Iyengar throughout her pregnancy. Aadil started the study of asana at the age of 7 with Iyengar and was the youngest person to be awarded the Advanced Yoga Teacher's Certificate at the age of twenty-two!

Aadil was introduced to The Mother and Sri Aurobindo in 1969 at the age of 10 and after meeting The Mother several times, Aadil's family became an integral part of the ashram. His mother Dhan, was on the board of the Sri Aurobindo Society for half a century. With the guidance of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother, Aadil and his wife Savitri, founded Purna Yoga™. Purna Yoga™ focuses on techniques given by Sri Aurobindo to Savitri, called Heartfull™ Meditation. These techniques create a practice and lifestyle that integrates the soul's Light into the body thereby accelerating the human form into the divine form.

Aadil and Savitri are founders of Alive and Shine Center™ in Bellevue, Washington and Purna Yoga™ College, a 200-hour, 500-hour, 2,000-hour and 5,000+hour Teacher Training program. Aadil has been training teachers all around the world since 1976 and is the author of Fire of Love, a book that seeks to restore the essence of yoga. He has written and filmed for Yoga International and Yoga Journal and has served as advisor and board member to Prevention Magazine, Yoga Alliance, Yoga Journal and The Iyengar Yoga National Association of the United States. Learn more at

Vladimir Yatsenko

Vladimir Yatsenko, MA in Sanskrit language and literature, General and Theoretical Linguistics, PhD in Indian Philosophy, doing research in the field of Vedic and Vedantic Studies, Indian Philosophy, Philosophy of Language and Integral Yoga Psychology. He is a visiting Professor of Sanskrit and Integral Studies at Auro University, Surat, and a facilitator at University of Human Unity project at Auroville, Indian Psychology Institute in Pondicherry, International Centre of Integral Studies in New Dehli and SACAR in Pondicherry.

"The psychic (soul) is the divine element in the individual being and its characteristic power is to turn everything towards the Divine, to bring a fire of purification, aspiration, devotion, true light of discernment, feeling, will and action which transforms by degrees the whole nature." Sri Aurobindo